I started in the beauty industry as a makeup artist from Baltimore, MD. I then advanced to become an esthetician.  I felt makeup was a temporary fix, and learning skin care  was a permanent solution. Once graduated, I entered the field and mastered the art of waxing , brow design, all while acquiring new techniques such as eyelash extensions. Mastering these crafts became my passion because it was the more skilled services; in which I was able to stand out in the industry. I am known for being able to achieve several different eyelash looks; from very natural to a glamorous appeal. When you book an appointment expect to lay down and awaken to an enhanced more beautiful you. From that day forward, you'll wake up singing, " I woke up like this." 




50ml Tea Tree Eyelid Foaming Cleanser
50ml Tea Tree Eyelid Foaming Cleanser
Use our multi-purpose, all natural Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Foaming Cleanser to soothe your dry eye and blepharitis symptoms by washing away dirt, bacteria, allergens and makeup residue. Leave those eyes feeling whiter and brighter. Safe to use on eyelids with eyelash extensions, xo.


“Akira’s attention to detail is what separates her from other lash artists. Being a TV reporter, I have a specific look I need and Akira always helps me achieve it. Her lash quality is also above and beyond. No more loosing a lash or a cluster a few days after a fill. Her lashes last! She’s a joy to be around and a true professional.”

— Lauren Pozen WSB-TV Channel 2 News
“I’ve tried many forms of lash extensions. At this point I’ve tried everything and everyone. Akira by far has been the most amazing experience. From her sweet personality to the lovely space; I was pleased from beginning to end. After 2.5 weeks of wearing the lashes, they still look great. Previous extensions forced me to come in weekly or look like a spider in between fillings lol I’m so happy Shehawnee referred me to her. She has a life long customer in me"
— Lauren Williams RHOA
"The BEST lash artist evah!! All you really need is some dope lashes and lip gloss to look popping and Muva Lash is at the top of her game. She's super professional and your lashes will be gorgeous. She's my go to and the person I recommend to all my friends!"

— Lisa France CNN 


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